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UT2004 - iCTF 5on5»aeiou« vs. =]DBoZ[=, 15.11.2009, 21:00
Gegner:  Defending Brotherhood of Zore
Spiel: Unreal Tournament 2004
Gametyp: iCTF 5on5
Matchtyp: CB iCTF Cup
Server: to be announced
Lineup: aSic, BeaTz, berty, desti, Hessi, m@g, p1nal
CB link:

  »aeiou« =]DBoZ[=
CTF-Drunklet-Pro2 3 2 » Click! N/A
CTF-LavaFuryWID-A2K 2 4 » Click! N/A
CTF-FP-Anfractous2-PRO 4 5 » Click! N/A
Gesamt: 1 : 2
(9 : 11)


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 BeaTz » 16.11.2009 21:03 [IP-LOGGED]
das geilste is ja die time vom server: 47min (drunklet screen) so geil!! xD

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